Want to play Cards Against Humanity, but need something you can play with your mother? Want the absurdity of Mad Libs, without having to write anything? Already made a "bad decision" but want to make more (without the consequences)?

Then, gamers and gentlefolk, behold!

Bad Decisions

Fool + Crisis = Bad Decision

The rules are simple: Each round, a rotating judge plays a Story card set up with the first two blanks filled in. Then, everyone else completes the story by filling in the third blank.

The player who appeals to the judge the most with their punchline wins. Rinse, repeat, lather.


Picture of spread in play.

What People are Saying

It's very clever

-- John Kovalic

I love the box design

-- JD of Saltire Games (IN)

It just flies off the shelves

-- Tim Duda of Gamers World

That's hilarious!

-- everyone who plays


  • Are you in distribution?
    Yes: ACD, Southern Hobby, Alliance, Lion Rampant in Canada, and others. We're probably in the catalog of whatever distributor you or your FLGS order(s) from, and if not, you should call their rep, because the distributor can get us from Studio 2 Publishing. (And some FLGS order directly from Studio 2)

  • Can I play a different way, like...
    Yes. Play with house rules. Then tell us about them and we'll put them on the internet so other people can try them. We already suggest some possible alternate play styles on the main rules sheet. The basic rules were chosen as what playtesting showed to be the fastest, simplest way to play.

  • Will you have an 18+/NSFW expansion?
    Maybe, if it seems to be the most popular option. We've set ourselves up so that, if we do, we already have a system for marking the racy cards. That means, mixing your expansions won't be a problem - sorting out which cards you can use when playing in a PG-only situation is easy.

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